MEAL PLAN: May 6th

Hey friends, this last week I was really only able to make two meals from the plan because life and then we are leaving for the weekend to visit family and I hate wasting food almost more than anything. I’m also very excited for Monday night because Chicago hosts the James Beard Awards which is basically the culinary world’s Oscar night and this year Nathan and I get to attend the show! With that said, I won’t be home to cook on Monday but I’ll still include a Monday recipe that I’ve made and loved. Cheers to a new week ahead!

MONDAY: Baked Falafel 

Other then remembering to soak the chickpeas over night this recipe is super simple and super delicious!

TUESDAY: Blackened Mushroom Tacos with Collard Green Slaw 

I have a thing for mushroom tacos! They are really so good and meaty and this collard slaw sounded like a great idea.

THURSDAY: Bam Bam Shrimp

This recipe is a huge favorite of my husbands and it’s the perfect quick takeout fakeout weeknight meal. Serve with cauliflower rice

FRIDAY: Chicken & Onion Tagine

This recipe looks so good! There is some marinade time so plan ahead the night before or the morning of for best results.

MEAL PLAN: April 15th

Well, we had two gorgeous days last week and then we were swiftly reminded that it’s still Spring and we aren’t out of the woods yet. With that said I wanted to add some more cozy soups to the menu this week. I’m also trying to add one recipe a week that has a few more steps or takes a little more time to make as a challenge to myself to keep growing and exploring. And while I love a good 30 minute one sheet pan dinner I also love the whole cooking process and some recipes require a little more love and time to put together. I will typically make a meal like this on Friday night if we are staying in or leave it for the weekend when time permits. Here’s to a new week ahead!

MONDAY: Tikka Masala Soup

I love this recipe from The Modern Proper ladies, Natalie and Holly. It’s also Whole30 compliant.

TUESDAY: Smoky Mushroom Tacos

I’m having a couple of girls over for book club and mushroom tacos are some of my favorite to make. Portobello’s are meaty and with a little heat, creamy guacamole and tangy pickled onions they are sure to please.

THURSDAY: Peruvian Seafood Stew with Cilantro Broth

This sounds like heaven to me! If you aren’t into seafood you could also use shredded chicken or chickpeas.

FRIDAY: Meatball and mushroom tray bake with celery salsa

I just can’t get enough of Ottolenghi recipes! The combination of flavors has me drooling. This one does take about an hour to make but I’m sure the results will be worth it. Since this recipe come from a British publication the ratio’s are listed in grams so I’ll make the conversions and share them with you.

MEAL PLAN April 9th

Happy Friday! Thanks everyone for the huge response to Nova’s takeover on Instagram yesterday. It was fun for us and I’m glad you all enjoyed it too! Check out the highlights on my profile if you missed it. It’s officially April but it still feels like winter in Chicago this past week. I’m ready for all things spring and summer and that includes spring veggies and lots of greens this time of year. This weeks menu reflects that and I’m most excited to introduce you to the quiche from Pamela Salzman. I made it for Easter breakfast and it was a huge hit!

See you in the kitchen!

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Meal Plan February 19th

Another week of winter down and how many more to go? It’s that time of year when spring fashions are popping up everywhere while the current midwest temps are producing inches of snow fall…it’s really such a tease.  Well, if we must be stuck inside we might as well be eating some beautiful colorful food while we dream of spring!

See you in the kitchen!

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