MEAL PLAN: May 6th

Hey friends, this last week I was really only able to make two meals from the plan because life and then we are leaving for the weekend to visit family and I hate wasting food almost more than anything. I’m also very excited for Monday night because Chicago hosts the James Beard Awards which is basically the culinary world’s Oscar night and this year Nathan and I get to attend the show! With that said, I won’t be home to cook on Monday but I’ll still include a Monday recipe that I’ve made and loved. Cheers to a new week ahead!

MONDAY: Baked Falafel 

Other then remembering to soak the chickpeas over night this recipe is super simple and super delicious!

TUESDAY: Blackened Mushroom Tacos with Collard Green Slaw 

I have a thing for mushroom tacos! They are really so good and meaty and this collard slaw sounded like a great idea.

THURSDAY: Bam Bam Shrimp

This recipe is a huge favorite of my husbands and it’s the perfect quick takeout fakeout weeknight meal. Serve with cauliflower rice

FRIDAY: Chicken & Onion Tagine

This recipe looks so good! There is some marinade time so plan ahead the night before or the morning of for best results.

MEAL PLAN May 14th

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the momma’s out there! Nothing in my life has changed me like becoming a mother and I can’t imagine life without Nova. The daily challenge and joy of parenting have stretched me and grown my heart in more ways than I thought possible and I’m only three years in! Motherhood is such a gift to the world. Whether you are a single mom, stay at home mom, working mom, or you just hope to be a mom one day know that the work you do day in and day out matters. It can be hard to see the forest from the trees some days but the gift of loving and helping shape a human life is priceless. Having Nova in the kitchen with me has been so fun and to see her interest in creating a meal or tasting a new food make my heart glad. Here’s to a new week of more meals around the table with the ones that we love.

See you in the kitchen!

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