MEAL PLAN: January 28th

This month has flown by! And yet again I am so glad that I chose to do another January Whole30. Every year has its own unique ups and downs but this year was particularly good. Outside of getting the dreadful stomach bug the second week in I have been feeling really good and not deprived. Food freedom is possible and as this program is a great way to get there. As we head into February I will continue to make the meal plans compliant because my husband has decided to keep going for 90 days. I am really proud of him for prioritizing his health this year and I am more than happy to supply all the nutrient rich delicious food for him and our family. If you are on your last week or continuing for a while longer I hope you feel encouraged and armed with the tools and recipes to feel good and feed you and your family. Cheers to health!

MONDAY: Lamb Meatballs with Tahini Sauce 

I love this recipe and many of you have told me how much you love it too! You can always sub half beef or all beef if you aren’t a lamb lover.

TUESDAY: Crispy Salmon, Blood Orange, Sweet Potato & Avocado Salad

This is pretty much a salad of all my favorite things!

THURSDAY: Creamy Tomato Soup with Chicken & Vegetables

The ladies at The Modern Proper are always posting new recipes that look killer and this is no exception.

FRIDAY: Chili Chicken Burger Bowls with Avocado Pesto

You had me at Avocado Pesto!


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