MEAL PLAN: January 21st

Well this week flew by! We are officially more than half way through our Whole30 and still feeling great. Yes, it does takes some time to plan and make meals but I’m always amazed how delicious real food without gluten, grains, diary, soy, legumes and sugar can be. It’s tempting to look at the list of things that are eliminated and think well what’s left? But the reality is you can still enjoy so many awesome recipes from all over the globe either because they are naturally free of these things or they are easily adaptable. I thrive on trying new recipes and I hope these meal plans inspire you to try some new flavors and have anything but a boring Whole30!

MONDAY: Pork Cabbage Dumplins 

As soon as Alex posted these last week I knew I wanted to make them!

WEDNESDAY: Paleo Pad Thai Noodles 

I love ChihYu and her recipes and this spaghetti squash Pad Thai looks like the perfect takeout fake out.

THURSDAY: Arabic Meatball Soup

I love meatballs and these flavors of mint and turmeric are calling my name!

FRIDAY: Garlicky Chicken with Lemon Anchovy Sauce 

This recipe is from The New York Times and is highly rates and look flat out delicious.



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