MEAL PLAN January 14th

Woohoo! I’m on day 10 of #Whole30 and feeling so great. Not that I have’t had a couple of cravings for a glass of vino or some chocolate at the end of the day (cinnamon tea take the wheel!) but overall my energy has been so steady and my sleep restful. Good health is so easy to take for granted until you find yourself or someone you love not well.  Making good habits and decisions today as well as learning to tune in to your body are what make the difference 5, 10, 20+ years from now. I am also aware how the choices I make not only effect me but also my daughter as she learns how to make decisions and listen to her own body. These are both very motivating factors to me sticking with the program. And as Melissa says its only 30 days 🙂 Cheers to a new week of wellness!


MONDAY: Chicken Piccata with Artichokes & Spinach 

This recipe is from Danielle Walkers newest cookbook Eat What You Love and it’s one recipe my husband requested!

TUESDAY: Whole30 Chilaquiles with Carnitas Sweet Potatoes 

Ok, so we can’t have tacos so we might as well make something close! Sweet Potato Carnitas Chilaquiles! Yum

THURSDAY: Salmon Burgers 

I absolutely adore these Salmon Burgers from Teri at No Crumbs Left. They make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also make a “bun” with lettuce or portobello mushrooms.

FRIDAY: Shepherd’s Pie 

I’ve had a couple of friends make shepherd’s pie this past week so I had to make this comfort food classic. I might swap the ground beef for lamb because I love lamb.

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