MEAL PLAN January 7th

Happy 2019! If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know that I started Whole30 this past week. This is my fourth year of doing a Whole30 in January and I really think it’s a fantastic way to start the year. There is something about slowing down, eating with more intention and focusing on simple whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and healthy animal protein that lays a foundation for the days, weeks and months ahead. If this is your first Whole30 or you are interested in trying it I would highly recommend reading Melissa Hartwig’s book It Starts With Food. This will give you the tools, science and personal stories of why and how this approach can promote optimal health body, mind and spirit.


MONDAY: Sesame Meatball & Cauliflower Rice Bowl 

These meatballs looks so delicious! I am going to swap out the Worcestershire sauce for Fish Sauce in this recipe to keep it compliant. You could use chicken, pork, turkey or beef for these. This recipe could easily be doubled as well.

TUESDAY: Chipotle Fish Taco Bowls

This is a favorite recipe of mine to make and if you are not following Alex @thedefineddish change that stat! These can be made with your favorite fish or even shrimp.

THURSDAY: Thai Yellow Curry with Prawns

I love a good shrimp curry and Danielle’s recipe is delicious and packed with lots of veggies.

FRIDAY: Butternut Squash Noodles with Sausage & Peppers 

I love this dish so much! You can use whatever sausage you enjoy.

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