MEAL PLAN May 21st

I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying the spring blooms and sunshine this week! It’s amazing what a difference it makes in all of our moods. Summer can’t come quick enough for me! When I was going through recipes and thinking about flavors for this week I was really drawn to middle eastern dishes. If you’ve only ever made red shashuka then the Israeli green version will be a welcome change especially with all the greens available in the markets right now. It’s perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner and it’s all served in one pan. I also am going to try a gluten free pita recipe that I will include to soak up the green egg goodness.

See you in the kitchen!

MONDAY: Moroccan Lemon Olive Chicken 

I love these flavors! You can use breast or thigh meat and if you can get your hands on some preserved lemons add them!

TUESDAY: Chipotle Rubbed Salmon Tacos 

Fish Tacos are always a fav.

THURSDAY: Grilled Middle Eastern Meatballs

Serve in lettuce wraps or over salad greens.

FRIDAY: Green Shashuka & Gluten Free Pita

I’ve never made gluten free pita bread and this recipe looks awesome to eat with the shashuka!

Happy Planning!

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