MEAL PLAN April 2nd

He is Risen! Happy Easter Weekend! I’m in Kansas City visiting family and planning out the feast for Sunday with my mom. My Easter lunch menu is all about smoked salon and dill deviled eggs, rack of lamb, spring veggies like asparagus and spring greens and lastly the most delicious grain free carrot cake cupcakes with a honey goat cheese frosting. Trader Joe’s sells a honey goat cheese that I soften and whip up and its a great cream cheese frosting alternative. I’m also excited to get back in my kitchen with you guys next week after a super busy week away. Most of these recipes are plant forward and easily adaptable to your families preferences. Read my notes below for easy swaps.  Here’s to a new month and a beautiful holiday weekend!

See you in the kitchen!

MONDAY: Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup

I will be traveling Monday so I won’t be making this one but it sounds fantastic! This is Whole30, vegan and would be great to make ahead for lunches for the week as well.

TUESDAY: Instant Pot Chicken Carnitas Tacos

Many of you have asked for simple chicken recipes and this one was recommended to me by a friend this past week. If you are doing Whole30 the only sub is in the chipotle mayo sauce. Use full fat coconut milk to replace the milk and you’re good to go! Serve over cauliflower rice or salad greens or cassava and or corn tortillas for gluten-free.

THURSDAY: Creamy Pesto “Pasta” with Spring Vegetables  

I love this recipe! I’ve made it numerous times and its so good. Need to keep it vegan? Just omit the prosciutto and you’re good to go!

FRIDAY: Vietnamese Vermicelli Salad 

This recipe sounds so good! You can use rice noodles, kelp noodles or even zucchini noodles! If you want to add some animal protein you could add some shrimp, salmon or pick up a rotisserie chicken and shred.

Happy Planning!


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