Meal Plan January 29th

It’s the final days of Whole30! I hope you are feeling awesome, inspired, energized and ready to make some more long term changes to your health. This is my fourth round and in a lot of ways I eat this way majority of the time as you know by now. What I love about the program is it empowers you to find out how your individual body responds to different food. Over the years I found that I can handle small amounts of dairy and very little gluten. I can also eat corn in some forms i.e. tortillas but fresh corn really bothers me. These little changes have made a big difference in how I feel overall and I’m thankful for programs like the Whole30 for getting me more in tune with my body. With that said I will be going back to corn and cassava tortillas after this week and a glass or two of wine which are really the things I miss the most but I know in moderation I can handle well. Cheers to your health!

See you in the kitchen!

MONDAY: Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Burger with Basil Aioli 

> I have been eying this recipe for sometime because it looks so incredible!

TUESDAY: Shrimp Tacos 

> Michelle just posted this new recipe recently and it looks great!

THURSDAY: Thai Chicken Curry Meatballs with Carrot Noodles

> I mean come on! I’m also a huge meatball lover and you can’t go wrong with Thai flavors.

FRIDAY: Instant Pot Hungarian Beef Goulash

> This is a new one for me but it sounds really delicious and comforting and instant pot for the win!

Happy Planning

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