Meal Plan: October 16th




It’s been raining all day and I’m loving it. Sometimes the best days are spent with no plans, pjs until noon and a chick flick or two. This week I’m feeling very veggie inspired by the recipes I’ve pulled from stuffed sweet potatoes to eggplant tacos, stuffed peppers and Spanish tortilla! All of these are new to me and I hope they sound good to you too!

MONDAY: Moroccan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes + Arugula Salad

I love the Feasting At Home blog and she just posted this recipe which looks delicious!

TACO TUESDAY: Eggplant Tacos

Ok you guys I just got the Guerrila Tacos Cookbook and I’m freaking out a little! There are so many recipes I can’t wait to try! This eggplant taco totally caught my eye with its Greek inspired flavors.

(No recipe link available)

THURSDAY: Spanish Vegetable Tortilla

I’ve had this bookmarked for a couple of weeks and really can’t wait to try this out!

FRIDAY: Stuffed Peppers

These look absolutely tasty and I have some ground beef in my freezer!

Happy Planning!

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